Who We Are

We are a full-service litigation, corporate-commercial and real estate law firm located near the downtown core in Liberty Village. We deliver efficient, timely and cost-effective professional services that are client-oriented, strategically-based and results driven. Our lawyers have worked for large, mid-sized and small firms, large companies and the government, but unsatisfied with the models currently in place our lawyers sought a new and better way to deliver legal services.

 What We Do

Our services include complex commercial litigation, intellectual property prosecution and litigation, real estate transactions, a full range of corporate-commercial services, wills and trusts, as well as labor and employment matters. We are able to offer many legal services on a flat-rate basis and have seconded our lawyers to companies to address protracted litigation and transactional matters, resulting in significant savings. We believe that flat rates provide clients with expense certainty.

 Why Choose Us

We adopt a holistic approach to addressing our clients’ needs taking into consideration immediate concerns and also anticipating developing issues. We offer our clients the experience and expertise of a large firm but the benefits associated with working with a small firm including lower overhead costs and less focus on the billable hour that translates into cost savings for our clients.



Corporate / Commercial

Cartel & Bui LLP pride ourselves with our ability to work with our clients to develop and nurture their businesses. Our lawyers have worked with start-up companies assisting with the ground-up work including initial organization, drafting and negotiating financing and leasing matters. Our lawyers also routinely work with established companies seeking legal services to address their changing needs and work landscape.


Our lawyers have structured and negotiated small and large M&A transactions, joint venture transactions, partnerships and other forms of business ventures. Whether large or small, our lawyers often times perform entire or parts of larger transactions on a flat fee basis.  Our lawyers pride themselves on being business lawyers, committed to their clients and their success.


We routinely work with clients or with in-house lawyers to deal with M&A and related regulatory issues, including competition law compliance. We structure and negotiate small and large M&A transactions, joint venture transactions, partnerships, employment contracts, shareholder agreements and profit sharing agreements, as well as a wide array of commercial contracts.


  • Corporate Setup and Governance.
  • Corporate Transactions including M&A and complex merger review.
  • Corporate Reorganizations.
  • Corporate Finance.
  • Corporate records.
  • Preparation and review of contracts and licences including consulting/independent contractor agreements, supply agreements, and general commercial contracts.
  • Pre-notification merger filings and obtaining advance ruling certificates pursuant to the Competition Act.
  • Legal advice concerning competitive and trade practice matters including cartel investigations.
  • Legal advice concerning advertising and promotional contests as well as pricing and marketing practices.
Employment Law

Our experience working in-house place us in a unique position to address the sensitive employment law issues that often arise for many companies and employees. We have acted for both the employer and employee and have routinely counseled clients on all aspects of employment law, including the drafting and negotiating of employment agreements, resolution of employment disputes, the creation of compliance programs as well as policies and procedures.


Our experience with government regulatory bodies enables us to adeptly understand the regulations and requirements expected of employers and to assist employers ensure compliance with the various governmental bodies. The experience of our lawyers also enables us to engage employers in meaningful resolutions with employees in the event of a disagreement.


  • Termination and severance package reviews.
  • Wrongful dismissal.
  • Duty to accommodate.
  • Employment standards compliance.
  • Discrimination and harassment.
  • Employment contracts.
Intellectual Property

Our lawyers help clients with a wide array of intellectual property issues, including patent, trademark and copyright matters. Our lawyers have worked with some of the leading pharmaceutical and technology companies and worked on numerous technology transactions. Our lawyers draft and negotiate complex licencing deals for clients as well as being involved with the protection of those rights through the development of policies and litigation where necessary.


Our lawyers have worked in professional capacities within the intellectual property field and as such understand the nuances and concerns of clients in this area. Services range from prosecution, risk assessment, prosecution to dispute resolution.


  • Licencing.
  • Trademark registration, prosecution, and management.
  • Clearing and registering domain names.
  • Opposition and cancellation proceedings.
  • Advising and conducting domain name disputes.
  • Preparation and review of copyright and internet-related contracts.
  • Developing in-house policies for employees’ use of copyright protected works, e-mail and use of the internet.
  • Providing validity and infringement opinions.
  • Reviewing print and broadcast advertising of consumer goods and services.
  • Advising on website advertising.
  • Advising clients on challenging competitors’ advertisements through courts and Advertising Standards Canada or defending clients’ advertising.
  • Review packaging and labeling requirements.
  • Preparation and review of confidentiality and trade secret agreements.

The lawyers of Cartel & Bui LLP have experience handling complex commercial litigation, intellectual property matters, smaller litigation matters as well as labour and employment matters. The experience of our lawyers allow them to resolve disputes often times deescalating contentious matters and finding effective solutions at reduced costs for our clients.


  • Commercial Litigation and Appeals.
  • Arbitration and Mediation.
  • Real Estate Litigation including appeals of Tarion Warranty decisions.
  • Securities and Shareholder Remedies.
  • Intellectual property litigation (patents, trade-marks, copyright and industrial design).
  • Wrongful dismissal litigation.
  • Family Law litigation.
Real Estate Law

Our lawyers understand that real estate represents the commencement of a new home for many people and businesses; it also represents expansion and growth. We have negotiated and drafted commercial and residential lease agreements as well as lease assignments. For many real estate transactions, especially sales and purchases, we offer cost-effective services.

  • Preparation and review of commercial and industrial leasing and sales.
  • Land development and plan of subdivisions.
  • Zoning and variance applications.
  • Purchase and sale of existing houses and condominium units.
  • Private mortgage and refinancing transactions.
  • Condominium status certificate review.
  • Purchase of new homes from builders.
  • Transfer of title.
  • Independent legal advice.
  • Registration of private mortgages.
  • Preparation and review of agreements of purchase and sale.
  • Preparation and review of residential leases.
  • Landlord and tenant remedies.
Wills & Estates

Our lawyers understand the importance of will and estate planning. We can draft appropriate wills and establish trusts as well as name Powers of Attorney and appoint trustees. Should there be problems in the administration of a will or trust, we can provide litigation services to remedy those problems.


  • Preparation and review of wills and trusts.
  • Naming of Powers of Attorney.
  • Appointment of trustees.
  • Revoking Powers of Attorney and replacing trustees.
  • Will challenges.
  • Will defences.



Singa Bui

Singa Bui, B.A., LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor, Trade-Mark Agent


Singa Bui has worked with both large and small clients. Her experience has rendered her uniquely aware and cognizant of the concerns of different clients, including the entrepreneur, small business owner and individual. Through her diverse experience, Singa offers a multifaceted approach to solutions ensuring that her clients receive the full breadth of services they need and may not realize they need.


Direct: 416.538.6789
E-mail: singa.bui@cartelbui.com
Fax: 416.533.7890


LL.B. University of Saskatchewan
B.A. Queen’s University
Year of Call
2010 Ontario
Trade-Mark Agent
2012 Canada


Kozue Yoshida

Law Clerk


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Angela Padua

Law Clerk


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Jennifer Tam

Articling Student


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